In 2011 Willy Snypes gave birth to a network that would connect artists from different corners of the world. This movement & indie label is now known as CornerBoy Music Entertainment. The uniqueness of this movement was that, knowing how expensive a dream can be, there is an abundance of talented artists that do not have supporting funds to chase those dreams the way they'd like to. As an artist and an entrepreneur, seeing this, Willy Snypes has devised a way to give those hungry artists a way to connect with other artists, producers, A&Rs, and several marketing firms at affordable prices.

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2020 has been a crazy year and Covid season was just a speed bump. Its time to put my foot back on the gas. Everything I do is to make sure the family is good...

Brought up on the blocks of Oriole Estates, Ft. Lauderdale Florida, the born New Yorker stood the test of time evading the "What could have beens". Like other street artists with a story, Willy Snypes has been through the good times and through some of the worst with multiple life threatening situations in which the pain and hustle can be felt in some of his music. Making his residence in Canada now while bouncing back and forth across the border, Willy Snypes is respectively known as "The Import". To keep track of the happenings and updates of Willy Snypes please feel free to browse through this website and don't forget to follow on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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