Lawless - Acting Like You Know Me (Explicit)

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The Leak Squad

Started from the bottom now I'm here! Not without the help from one of the best PR marketing firms from the the south. Image is the goal, strategy is the starting point.

DJ Deceptacon

One of the hottest mixtape DJs in the business right now! Bricksquad 1017/ CBME/MDE DJ Deceptacon. This ain't a game!

Bang 4 The Summer

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CornerBoy Music Ent.


Will Haze - #FreeWill

After a season of hard times the big homie returns to the booth to pay respects to the mic. No bars strong enough to hold'm back! #FreeWill

P Banxx


Another rising star coming out of the streets of Canada. Feel him as he harms up the winter with his summer buzz...

Willy Snypes: Baggage Claim

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CornerBoy Wear Is Finally Here 

Working away at countless hours in the studio, Willy Snypes and CBME have decided to start the launch of BossType Clothing to hold you guys until the next project is ready for your ears! For more information on how you can get BossType merch or your own printed merchandise contact CBME at


Finishing A Project?

The day your album goes live on iTunes or CD Baby is NOT the time to start thinking about music promotion. By then it’s too late, especially because in the eyes of the music media (who thrive on newness), a launched album is old news. Bloggers, critics, podcasters, journalists, TV and radio producers, program directors, DJs — they want the first taste, the early scoop. They want to break the news, not simply report it. They want to be setting the trends, not simply abreast of them. In order to do that, they need to know about your music well in advance of its release.

New Face Of Distribution

CornerBoy Music Ent. becomes the new face for independent artist distribution in Alberta, Canada. Having delivered over 4k in mixtape hard copies between the US and Canada, CornerBoy Music Ent. has served just over a dozen artists in helping them get their music out. Looking for a quote for your next project? Contact us as soon as your ready to work on our Contact Us page.

True Rhythm
Calgary's on event, concert and tour booking & promotions company.